Welcome to www.equilibriumsurvival.com

Hey there, we are in the early development of our website, so there isn't a whole lot here yet. This page your viewing is hosted with nginx, a common web server host, but we'll be loading this page with nodejs in a docker image in the not so distant future instead. Nodejs has reputation for being lightning fast and scalable, and will serve the basis for installing sailsjs for a framework. After that, we'll build a layout for our website, create some stylesheets, and throw up some temporary pages to convey the primary content that people will come to view on our site.

So that will give us the bare bones, and allow us to then install a nodejs based content management system, probaly Strapi CMS. That will allow us to then have a backend where Administrators with regular user skills can log in and modify pages with a simple to use interface for updating pages and content. Then we can have the publishing of content, images, links, and all sorts of things without the need for a developer to be involved

With that done, we'll then install a wiki, where we can have both administrators and users create informative pages, guides, articles, galleries, etc. It will have a whole permissions system so moderators can assign and approve tasks for users, and hopefully with a growing community this can then generate a whole bunch of content. Content is good because it will then get indexed by search engines and propagate out onto the internet. What I have heard, is that people use the internet, and they might be looking for similar information we are hosting, even if they wern't looking for our server. Once they've been sucked into the content on our website, they'll pretty much have to realize that we're the best survival minecraft experience and have to join us.

A lot of servers would get a simple webpage service and have that run seperate from their server and call it a day. That's cool and all, but we happen have a bare metal dedicated server. We don't just rent a minecraft server we rent a whole machine with full access to it's core operating system. The Pterodactyl control panel it has, we installed it ourselives, and that is what in turn runs our mincraft server instances. On those minecraft server instances run a whole lot of plugins, and a lot of them have the option of storing their associated data in SQL databases.

Now I'm going to let you in on a dirty little secret about our server. Those plugins that I mentioned that CAN create, read, update and delete information on an ongoing basis in SQL databases, but only ONE of our over 80 plugins was ever set up that way by our prior owner. Instead they were left to defaults, which store much of our frequently acessed and modified data in formats that are not as fast or efficient to have our server interact with.

So here is the thing, if our website technologies are storing their data in SQL databases, and we migrate our plugins over to using them too, then it becomes possible to have an interchange of data between the website and server in realtime. Not only will our server run faster because it's grabbing, changing, storing it's infomation more efficiently, but we will have gained the advantage of having the most direct path one can have between that data and the website.

Now I dont' know the most recent sale price of a gold ingot was, let alone a running average, let alone could I draw you a graph of the sale prices over time, but if that data is sitting in the shops plugin, and that plugin stores it in a database, and that database is on the same server as our website: It becomes possible to ask out of the box javascript libraries to access that database and publish it in real time. I think that's fucking cool.

Our Economy server hasn't ever had that kind of level of public access to information about the economy.